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Tech Support

Tech Support

There’s nothing worse than downtime. But can you afford to keep an I.T. specialist on staff to handle the problems that crop up?

There is a solution—within your budget—that does not sacrifice support. I.T. Roadmap offers customized service plans that keep your critical I.T. systems running smoothly. Whether you need 24×7 on-call support, scheduled site visits, or remote support, we have a support plan that will exceed your expectations.

I.T. Roadmap specializes in server configuration and maintenance, network appliances, and desktop and mobile platforms. We can be your complete I.T. solution supporting all your servers, network appliances and desktops. Your systems are monitored and supported both remotely and locally 24/7 and problems are fixed before they can present a problem.


Server and Desktop Maintenance

For physical servers, we check hard disk space availability, confirm security, certify redundancy, apply service packs and updates, and ensure proper data backup and application functionality. We identify potential issues and make recommendations for hardware or software upgrades as necessary. We can also develop an internal permission structure that allows access to only authorized users. For desktop computers, we offer regular maintenance that includes virus and spam protection and optimization of performance. We apply software upgrades, updates, and patches, review disk space utilization, and troubleshooting issues.

On-site and Emergency Support

For customers in the DFW area, I.T. Roadmap can help you recover from a wide assortment of I.T. mishaps, from server crashes, to loss of internet connectivity, VoIP issues, router/switch problems, and more. Our certified I.T. professionals work diligently to accurately diagnose and get you back up and running as quickly as possible. After your systems are back up and fully functional, we can assess your I.T. infrastructure to locate sources of potential problems and make recommendations to improve the efficiency and stability of your network. For immediate assistance, call 214-321-1110.

I.T. Strategy
and Consulting

The number of technology solutions available to companies today is almost limitless, and becoming educated enough to make an informed decision can be intimidating. Creating and implementing innovative solutions to complex business and information technology challenges… this is what we do every day. Whether your problem is streamlining your workflow, choosing the best email solution, developing an app, creating a reservation system, or dealing effectively with mountains of data, we are poised to craft a strategy that makes sense for the way you work, your current and future needs, and your budget.

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