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Digital Signage

Standalone Digital Signage for Small Businesses

I.T. Roadmap offers managed I.T. services to small and medium-sized businesses in the Dallas area, and we’re always excited to bring new technology solutions to age-old problems to our customers.

One problem that’s nearly universal for all of our brick-and-mortar customers: waiting. Medical offices have patients waiting to be seen, restaurants have customers waiting to be seated, dry cleaners have lines of customers waiting to pick up their shirts and suits. Now, we’ve pared down the process to something so simple and inexpensive that it’s within anyone’s reach.

High-quality HDMI Output - Dallas, TX

High-quality HDMI Outpout

Auto-play and Auto-loop Digital Signage - Dallas, TX

Auto-play and Auto-loop

No Wifi Necessary - Digital Signage - Dallas, TX

No WiFi Necessary

Low Cost and Easy to Use Digital Signage - Dallas, TX

Low Cost and Easy to Use

Advertising Displays
Remotely managed digital advertising displays transform ad campaigns.

Building Directories
Add visual appeal to your lobby and dynamically guide guests.

Digital Menu Boards
Show off mouth-watering photos of your food, daily specials, cocktails, and desserts.

Doctors’ Offices
Give your patients information customized to your practice.

Donor Walls
Recognize donors and encourage giving.

Employee Communication
Reach and engage with your employees in break rooms and cafeterias.

Event Listings
Auto-generated event listing, personalized to connect with attendees.

Information Displays
Inform, educate, entertain, and socialize with clients, guests, and employees.

POP Signage
Promote products, services, and brands with dynamic messaging.

Waiting Room Signage
Welcome and entertain guests to improve their experience.

Standalone Digital Signage - Dallas, TX

Easy to Use and Low Maintenance

To change out your slideshow, you simply insert a USB stick loaded with new photos (or videos), and what’s on the device will be completely overwritten. Need the images to appear in a certain order? Just number them 1, 2, 3.

  • Highly secure and extremely stable
  • Not connected to the Internet, so there’s no risk of downloading viruses or other malware
  • No updates to run or changes to monitor
  • Provide just the content YOU want

The Digital Signage Processor

  • Is about the size of a deck of cards, and can be mounted on the back of your monitor.
  • Can be used with any monitor—either one you already own, or a new one purchased for this application.
  • Needs only an electrical plug—no WiFi or cable connection required.
  • Can be loaded with new photos or videos via a USB stick (flash drive)
Digital Slideshow in Waiting Room - Dallas, TX