technology: your greatest business resource


Reduce technology costs; reduce technology stress. That’s our job.

I.T. Roadmap’s I.T. management services minimize costs and effectively implement established I.T. policies that allow you to focus on your business. Our management systems have been developed through time and experience in practically every avenue of business environment.

No matter your size, need, budget, or problem, I.T. Roadmap will customize a solution perfect for you.


Your success is our success

We are constantly looking out for our business partners’ best interest. Since we view ourselves as an extension of your business, we don’t just resolve your technology problems with a temporary fix. Our solution solves the problem, but also has been thoroughly examined to see how it might improve other aspects of your business and I.T.


Working smarter, not harder

Your I.T. budget is always forefront in our minds. While managing your information technology systems, our goal is nothing less than reducing your total technology ownership cost with every strategic move we make. You can depend on us to help you make cost-effective decisions, and when expensive solutions should be applied, you can expect a thorough, understandable explanation of exactly why we think the expenditure positively affects your business.


In the business of making business better

We manage how your information technology affects your budget and business from hardware and software to productivity-based applications and cloud communication. We are always looking for the solution that doesn’t just fit your business, but improves it.

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    prevention: much less expensive than reaction


    When your employees lose time, you lose money.

    You know better than anyone what it means when your network goes down. Or your administrative assistant’s computer shows the Blue Screen of Death. Your day, even your week, grinds to a halt.

    But more specifically, you lose productivity. The costs are limited to your own annoyance. They boil down to:

    • Hourly cost of staff time in terms of lost revenue, including sales
    • Hourly cost of staff salary, benefits, and facilities
    • Hourly rework costs to make up for the lost time
    • Customer dissatisfaction

    You know that if you don’t maintain your car it will be costlier in the end. You should treat your networks the same way.

    What if, instead, you had an I.T. company who made scheduled appointments to patch security holes, update software, and perform system maintenance?

    That’s where I.T. Roadmap’s managed service plans come in.


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      set the stage for growth of your business

      With a technology strategy designed to promote growth, you will enjoy the following benefits:


      Increased Efficiency

      Many of  your day-to-day activities can be streamlined or eliminated with the successful implementation of a technology solution. Electronic signatures on a PDF cut short the tedious process of printing, signing, and faxing.  Voice over IPalso known as VoIP can allow you to read your transcribed voicemails onscreen instead of navigating through a series of buttons to listen and rewind. The possibilities are endless.


      Greater Accessibility

      The inability to quickly find information is one of the biggest time wasters. But if you’re using Hosted Exchange email to manage your email, you can view and search your communications, calendar, and contacts on any device, anywhere in the world. Cloud networking gives you access to shared files on your computer… or your employee’s computer… or your smartphone. Again, the possibilities are limitless.


      Improved Consistency

      There’s no need to reinvent the wheel for every presentation, quotation, or letter. Templating and centralized document storage allow you to replicate your work and change a few details.


      Enhanced Revenue Generation

      Using technology to identify sales or service opportunities allows you to work smarter, not harder. Customer relationship management software (CRM) is a perfect example. A CRM provides you with a wide range of reporting capabilities; you can refine your reports to show you your most valuable customers, and the results may surprise you.

      By investing in a technology plan, you will create efficiencies in your operations that will allow you to spend more time with your customers and building your business.

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        a strategic approach for long-term growth

        Your I.T. resources require the same strategic positioning as do your marketing, product, and manufacturing assets. You must ask yourself:

        • What new technologies will be required to meet the future needs of my business?
        • What current technologies are likely to be replaced—when and why?

        Thinking strategically means making decisions based on an understanding of the long-term implications… not just your immediate needs.

        The four components of a technology strategy:


        Determine critical technology

        Critical technologies are those that represent the basis of your technology advantage. You can identify which technologies are most crucial by evaluating whether they are critical to meeting current and future process, customer, or consumer needs;  whether they provide a competitive advantage; and whether they position your company to take advantage of new opportunities.


        Decide on the importance of innovation

        Should you be the leader in the application of technology in your industry? Being first has its advantages. Your company can be the first to make changes in products, processes, or services, and you can set industry standards. As a technology innovator, you can attract early adopters who are willing to pay a premium, and you may enhance your image in your field.


        Internal or external investment?

        Put simply, should you buy… or should you make it yourself? If you decide to develop your own technology, you must determine whether your expertise is solid enough to complete the task, or whether you are better off looking to a third-party developer.


        Balance your priorities

        Few companies possess the resources to pursue all projects to completion. It’s always a challenge to balance the requirements of a strategic long-term project when distracted by day-to-day requirements. A concrete strategy allows you to judge what projects should be completed when. The solution is to use a project review process that evaluates the value of the project on its own, and assesses the value in terms of its contribution to your long-term strategy.

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